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20 % of discount on the double room is 136 BRL instead of 170 BRL

20 % of discount on the Triple Room is 200 BRL instead of 250 BRL

20 % of discount on the Quadruple Room is 264 BRL instead of 330 BRL

This promotion is valid from Monday to Friday with the breakfast during August, September, October and November safe for holidays and during the holidays.


Hospedagem de 3 dias durante á semana para casal pagando somente 2 diárias de 510,00 por 340,00.

3 = 2

For all stay of 3 nights, Pousada Castelinho offers to the couples 3rd at nights is your stay 340 BRL instead of 510 BRL

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Sports & Leisure

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Buggy Tour

A buggy is a little four-wheel-drive vehicle commonly used in the Canoa Quebrada region: it allows you to discover the full richness of the local countryside, such as the “Pôr Do Sol” dune, which is situated in a landscape of dunes and lagoons. You might also like to cross the “Cumbe” and go and view the estuary of the River Jaguaribe.

The “Canoa Quebrada” excursion, a classic of its type, will enable you to discover wonderful scenery typical of the region, at your own pace.You’ll cross the beaches at Majorlândia, Quixaba, Lagoa do Mato, Fontainha and Retirinho right the way to Ponta Grossa. These stunningly beautiful beaches will awe you with their cliffs in a palette of wondrous colours and astonishing shapes. At Ponta Grossa, you can stop at one of the fishermen’s restaurants to partake of mouth-watering langoustines, shrimps and fish.

The Canoa Quebrada region also offers you other localities and wonderful things to see, such as the beach and natural caves at Pontal de Maceió,the River Pirangi, the Needles Beach, Fortim lighthouse, the meeting of the waters at the estuary of the River Jaguaribe and the Canto da Barra.

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With Gérome Bertrand Saunier, who hails from Switzerland and is nicknamed “Geronimo”, you can discover Canoa Quebrada (CE)from the air.Dual flights are organised every day, except when the weather prohibits for safety reasons. Flights take place near the church square, descending to the beach from Broadway. Wind is a decisive factor for duel flights. Generally, flights are done in the afternoon, after 3 o’clock. Flight duration is between 15 and 20 minutes.

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Many kite-surfers come to this part of the Ceará to take advantage of the wide areas of flat water and steadywinds that the region offers – ideal conditions for kite-surfing.

At low tide, the calm waters of the River Jaguaribe’s estuary offer a large space covering foursquare kilometres over which you can surf for around four hours each day.

At Canoa Quebrada, the ideal spot for kite-surfing is at the end of the beach, beyond the Bom Motivo "barraca". Not advisable for beginners, the region is known for "downwind" kiting as far as the River Jaguaribe.

Majorlândia and Quixaba beaches are also well-liked by kite-surfers.

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Jangada trip

Board a fisherman’s jangada for an offshore view of the cliffs at Canoa and take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the high seas. 

Just for a moment, discover the feelings of life as a fisherman! 

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Excursion on the river Jaguaribe

The perfect excursion for lovers of green tourism!

Board a comfortable boat that’ll take you to the Cumbe or the river estuaryat Canto da Barra (Fortim). 

The banks of the River Jaguaribe are rich in fauna, tropical birds, crab and fish. They’re also known for their delicious oysters.

The river’s west bank is lush with vegetation such as mangroves, palm trees, carnaubas and coconut palms. Opposite, on the east bank, you’ll discover majestic estates, holiday resorts for the wealthy and panoramic views of the pretty little village of Fortim, where you can discover the church and fishing harbour.

In the "Canal do Amor", you can take a swim in wonderful warm water in the heart of nature.

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Horse-riding excursion

In the company of a guide, you will cross the dunes and lagoons to the west of Canoa Quebrada on horseback to gaze at the stunning sunset. A magical moment not to be missed. You can egg your mount up to a gallop across the Canoa Quebrada sands and thrill to thesensation of space and freedom.